Please fill out the following form to let us know you want to join the program as a mentor or junior mentor.  After submitting this form, the program lead of the geography selected will be notified of your interest and will get back to you.   Happy trails!

  • Mentor = adult woman, ages 18-100+

  • Jr Mentor = high school student, ages ~14-17

Awesome! You're interested in being a Mentor! The success of Little Bellas is powered by talented and inspiring mentors from across the country. We have an incredible network of outdoor-oriented, fun women who are truly the heart and soul of Little Bellas! Please fill out the application below to join in the fun!

For the safety of the Little Bellas we mentor, we get consent to run background checks on all of our Mentors (later on in the process). We ask if you have a criminal record proactively not because it is necessarily disqualifying, but because it prompts an important conversation. Common things that can come up include DUIs, misdemeanors, etc.

Become a Mentor

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